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About the Institution

The Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture was established in 1995 following a resolution of the state parliament of Saxonia, and it is affiliated with Leipzig University by a cooperation agreement. Since 1999 it has been headed by the historian Dan Diner, Professor for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University. The Simon Dubnow Institute focuses on the research of the Jewish life worlds, mainly in Central, Eastern Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. The purpose, thereby, is to examine both the internal relationship between Jews in the East and the West, and the relationship between them and their non-Jewish environments, from the Middle Ages until the present times. As opposed to Western Europe, these are, to a great extent, borderline regions between Latin, Orthodox, and Islamic societies. The focus of research activity at the Institute lies currently with the period between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the Second World War. Jewish history is thereby observed from a transnational, pluralistic perspective, and perceived as a seismograph of general historical developments. From the professional aspect, the Institute conducts its work along three research approaches: First, a methodically renewed history of politics and diplomacy; second, the history of migration and science, as migration and innovation are strongly linked; and last, in the classical canon of intellectual history and the history of ideas. An important role is awarded to national and international research cooperation. The Simon Dubnow Institute cooperates with a large number of scientific institutions in Israel, the USA, the United Kingdom, Poland, France, Austria, and Germany.

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